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Dead Doll Eyes

The anonymous fan with whom I wrote the song Dead Doll Eyes made this video. I cried the first time I watched it. It is very hard to watch. But I believe it is a video everyone should see. Did you know that “Approximately 20% of girls and 8% of boys will be sexually abused […]

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Reluctant Farewell Video

“Reluctant Farewell” now has a video, thanks to the amazing Charlea Janette Bailey.  I wrote this piano piece to help me let go of a romance with a woman, but there are many instances in life when we reluctantly say goodbye to someone, or something. Buy the song on iTunes here.

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Porcupine Stew – A Very Short Comic Film

Hello everybody, here is my first very short comic film! A huge thanks to all of the fabulous cast and crew! Please share this with anyone who you think would like it. Thank you! Porcupine Stew A Very Short Comic Film Written by Timothy Reed Cordelia Quillpiggery Timothy Reed Narrator Timothy Reed Cordelia’s Daughters Olivia […]

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Flying Music Video

Thanks so much to Charlea Janette Bailey for making this beautiful video for my song “Flying”, which features Lauren Brown, Lilly Brown, Jenna Brown, and me on vocals, me on piano, and Charlea’s owl drawings. Chip Reardin recorded, mixed, and mastered; and co-produced with me.  This is the most virtuoso composition on my Euphoric Owls […]

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Rest in Peace, Sybil

I fell in love with Sybil, the youngest daughter of the Crawley family on the TV series, Downton Abbey. Born into an aristocratic, wealthy family in Yorkshire, England, yet she went to nursing school, and helped care for the wounded soldiers who had returned from the war. Many servants worked and resided in the huge, […]

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Adagio sostenuto from Moonlight Sonata

When I was around 16, I played the first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for a solo and ensemble event in Mansfield, Ohio. I had always loved music, but at that time I was perched on a precipice, ready to jump into a free fall of immersion in the magical world of melodies and harmonies. […]

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Piano and Voice Recital, Sunday Nov. 10th at 5pm!

You are invited to be in the audience for a concert featuring my piano and voice students, this Sunday, Nov. 10th, at 5 pm, at: The First Presbyterian Church, 221 E. 6th St. Bloomington, Indiana, 47408 Selections range from piano music of Chopin, Beethoven, and Scott Joplin, to pop songs by Rihanna and David Bowie, […]

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Together in Peace- The New Single and Video from Tim Reed

 Click Here to Purchase on CD Baby Hello Earthlings, We are thrilled to release a new single, called “Together in Peace”, on CD Baby and coming very soon to iTunes, and a video of that same song, on my website and YouTube, which was filmed over the last few months, at Airtime Recording Studio, […]

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“Habanera”- The New Music Video from Timothy Reed

Hey there! Here is a new video of my piano piece, “Habanera”. It features dancers Jenna Brown and Nick Heinzen and was filmed and edited by Josh Brown at Tribeswell. Thanks to David Cox at American Piano Factory ( for allowing us to film in his workshop. Here’s what Dave Cox had to say… “Well […]

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Cameraderie – The Music Video

Here is the Cameraderie music video. Yes, I intentionally misspelled “Camaraderie” to suggest the kind of ‘camera’derie that you would want to capture on a ‘camera’. The concept for this video was to interweave footage of many people enjoying themselves. We hope you enjoy it as well! Thanks so much to everyone who helped make […]

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