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Carol’s Castle – New Song & Video

I was given a collection of poems, all written by people with developmental differences at Passion Works, a collaborative community arts center in Athens, Ohio. The poems were all interesting, but one especially spoke to me. It was called “Carol’s Castle”, by Alexis Rhinehart, with help from Katy Elliott. I set it to music for 3 women’s voices and piano, making a couple slight changes to the words to fit the flow of the music, and adding a couple words myself, to round out the story of the song. I was really happy with how it turned out. Then Charlea Janette Bailey made a beautiful, touching video for the song. I hope you enjoy this little story of Carol in her castle.

The main poet, Alexis Rhinehart, is a lifelong music aficionado of many genres, mainly focusing on but not limited to, the music of Smokey Robinson, Motown, and old-school soul. 

Singing on the song are the Brown Sisters: Lauren, Lilly, and Jenna Brown, 3 mega-talented sisters who are on many tracks on my Euphoric Owls album, and who will also be on many songs on my upcoming album of original songs, called Love Makes the World Go Round. Carol’s Castle will be on this upcoming album. 

You can watch Charlea’s video below,  and you can listen to the whole song and buy it on CD Baby, listen to a clip and buy it on iTunes, or just listen to it on Spotify. 

And if you are ever in Athens, Ohio visit the Passion Works Studio and Store, at 20 East State St. Good chance you will actually see amazing art being created right there! If you can’t get to Athens, you can peruse and order Passion Works art via their online store: Passion Works Store.


Carol?s Castle                        

Music by Timothy Reed

Words by Alexis Rhinehart and Katy Elliott

Additional words by Timothy Reed

Piano by Timothy Reed

Vocals by Lauren Brown, Lilly Brown, and Jenna Brown

Engineered by Chip Reardin at Airtime Studios in Bloomington, Indiana

Produced by Chip Reardin and Timothy Reed at Airtime Studios

Mastered by Chip Reardin




Once there was an orphaned princess.

Her name was Carol.

She had lots of pretty jewelry,

But she didn?t wear it all.


She lived in a great big castle,

All by herself,

Except for the trusted servants.


Then one day a prince and she got married.

He had come one day for a visit,

On a horse named Phillip,

And they fell in love.


Then they had a daughter named Alison.

They taught her how to play chess and checkers.

Checkers came easier, and she liked it better.


And sometimes the family would ride together,

Up to a nearby lake.

Sometimes they swam, sometimes they fished.

Or if it was cold, they?d skate on the ice.


Sometimes Dad would take them hunting,

For turkey or whatever they were wanting.


Once there was a happy woman.

Her name was Carol.

She lived happily ever after,

With all of her family.