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Cordelia’s First Piano Recital Script

Happy spring, everybody! Here is the first draft of the script of the next episode of the Quillpiggery family, called Cordelia’s First Piano Recital. Please let me know if you have any ideas to improve it. We will be filming it soon. If you missed Porcupine Stew, which was the first episode, you can watch […]

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Alaskan Tales: Fish Hearts

Ouch! Something small and kind of spongy, but also very dense, had hit me in the chest. I looked down to see what it was, but could not distinguish anything in the vat of fish guts and icy water in front of me.  Before I could resume work on the slime line, I was hit […]

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Reluctant Farewell Video

“Reluctant Farewell” now has a video, thanks to the amazing Charlea Janette Bailey.  I wrote this piano piece to help me let go of a romance with a woman, but there are many instances in life when we reluctantly say goodbye to someone, or something. Buy the song on iTunes here.

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Porcupine Stew – A Very Short Comic Film

Hello everybody, here is my first very short comic film! A huge thanks to all of the fabulous cast and crew! Please share this with anyone who you think would like it. Thank you! Porcupine Stew A Very Short Comic Film Written by Timothy Reed Cordelia Quillpiggery Timothy Reed Narrator Timothy Reed Cordelia’s Daughters Olivia […]

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Flying Music Video

Thanks so much to Charlea Janette Bailey for making this beautiful video for my song “Flying”, which features Lauren Brown, Lilly Brown, Jenna Brown, and me on vocals, me on piano, and Charlea’s owl drawings. Chip Reardin recorded, mixed, and mastered; and co-produced with me.  This is the most virtuoso composition on my Euphoric Owls […]

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A Friendly Fog Spirit

She was playing Mary Magdalene, and I was playing Jesus, in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, in Athens, Ohio. One weekday during the show’s rehearsal period, the two of us drove up to Old Man’s Cave, a magnificent half mile-long gorge in Hocking Hills State Park. After exploring a series of trails that crisscross […]

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The Cat and the Butterfly

 The Venue Fine Art and Gifts hosts many wonderful community events in Bloomington, Indiana, including one they call Ekphrasis, where they invite poets to choose a painting in their art gallery, write a poem inspired by that painting, and then recite the poem in front of an audience in the gallery. Thankfully I was invited […]

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Joyous Exaltation Reprise Video

Happy New Year, everyone! Charlea Janette Bailey put together this beautiful video featuring ballet dancers, to my song “Joyous Exaltation Reprise”, which features Lauren Brown and me in a vocal duet, and me playing piano. Hope you enjoy it! This song is on my Euphoric Owls album, which is available on iTunes. Thanks so much to […]

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Twilight Turns to Night

Twilight…dusk is here Shadows steal the sun’s last kiss One last round of hide-and-seek As bats are dining in the breeze Look up at the sky The moon ascends, Lord of all the night, Drawing our inner tide’s ebb and flow Twilight…dusk is here Pick a bedtime story now Feel the wisdom of the owl […]

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Awakening (Word Version)

I had written a piece for virtuoso accordion as an underscore for part of Ann Randolph’s one-woman show, “Squeeze Box”. Then it turned out she needed another original piece for her show, because the Aaron Copland Foundation had not given her permission to use his “Appalachian Spring”. So I began the daunting task of trying to write something that […]

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